Connected On Social And Still Struggling To Fill Your Professional Speaking Calendar?
How would you like to dramatically increase the number of speaking gigs on your calendar in 2019?
I’m Phil Gerbyshak, and I help speakers transform their careers and grow their businesses with Social Selling. As an award-winning speaker, an author, and a sales trainer, I’ve been building my business using LinkedIn since 2004 and teaching others to build their business using LinkedIn since 2008.

I’ve built a personal network of 4,514,654. I’ve helped businesses of all sizes bring measurable results with an effective online presence. I take the roadblocks out of networking for people in every industry. And I’ve worked one-on-one with speakers to more than 10X their fees, helping them go from hundreds to thousands of dollars per speech.

Many speakers think of me as their personal social marketing strategist, social media business trainer, and secret weapon.
The Sad Truth: Most speakers have no idea how to use social media to find meeting planners :(
Dear Professional Speaker,

You’ve been on LinkedIn for years, but has it ever gotten YOU business?

Is LinkedIn just one more time sink for you that never pays any dividends?

Are you tired of playing around on social media, and you want to get down to business and earn a return on your time investment?

What keeps some professional speakers fully booked while others can’t seem to get to the next level – even when they have five-star reviews and thousands of connections?

Even if you’re one of the best speakers, you could still be facing this …

  •  Failing to attract the clients and venues you deserve because your profile doesn’t reflect your expertise
  •  Losing opportunities you never even know about because people who are attracted to you turn away when they can’t tell you’re the right fit – even when you are
  •  Feeling like you’re on a social media treadmill while others move forward to get the gigs – you need to know how to optimize your time for your best and fastest results  
  •  Not knowing what to say at each networking stage – you need help getting the content right
  •  Searching for the sweet spot between sounding like a bot and coming on too strong
  •  Your buyer’s journey has changed.
  •  What worked just 2 years ago may not work today.
  •  Top qualifications, traditional advertising, and an outstanding resume are not enough. And what’s more, a huge network and thousands of invitations don’t guarantee results – numbers lie.
  •  Fake profiles and bots are crawling all over social media
  •  The algorithms for getting seen are constantly changing
  •  And every new development, from news feed visibility to the new native video ads, means a new adjustment in strategy. 
  •  It can feel like you need an insider’s code to decipher the system.
Introducing the 'LinkedIn Sales Blueprint"
This LinkedIn Sales Blueprint for Speakers is a System with six live LinkedIn training sessions for speakers ready to move ahead NOW to grow their businesses and careers.

Each session will be recorded so you can watch it later – as many times as you want – so you can use these fast-action steps again and again to win more of the speaking engagements you want.
What are you getting with this robust course...
Here’s what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Brand Boldly
Get your LinkedIn profile in shape to attract your ideal customer so you’re seen as a speaker who is a person of value (This is normally $1000 if Phil and his team rewrite your profile)

Learn the 4 R’s of social selling for speakers – each is critical to staying relevant and moving your contacts along the buyer’s journey

Optimize the 6 profile elements on LinkedIn you MUST have right to attract buyers, raise value, and instantly boost credibility

Identify what to put in your Summary and Experience sections to attract your best leads

Brand, attract, and win more clients with the right graphics

I’ll show you what to do and what not to do for a headshot that sells

We'll enhance your profile with rich media … follow these guidelines and transform your profile into a lead generating machine.

Module 2: Prospect Inside Your Network
Leverage your existing network and start targeted sales conversations that get you booked. You’ll get search tactics, messaging templates, and other powerful tips to enable you to prospect inside your network for new business.

Quickly establish your reputation as a trusted expert, making you the resource others turn to in your field

Get no-nonsense advice for messaging and responding effectively to first degree and new connections – and do it with confidence

Move conversations within your existing network to the next level without feeling or sounding pushy, spammy, or salesy

Module 3: Prospect Outside Your Network
Make new connections with people who need your message and expertise. You’ll get search tactics, messaging templates. and tips you’ll use every day.

Learn The Three I’s for making your connection requests and messages attractive

Blast away uncertainty with my 6 core message templates – customize and use them in minutes

Module 4: Develop Your Role As A Thought Leader
Feed your network and position yourself as a thought leader by curating and creating content that generates conversations. Learn the difference between like, comment, and share, and learn how to use each with mastery. Grab my templates and fast-action tips.

Develop your role as a thought leader with time-saving resources that maximize your influence

Get 10 best practices for sharing content to drive engagement, demand attention, and build trust with your audience

Steal this tip most speakers don’t even know about … this one simple strategy turns any slide presentation into a marketing magnet

Thinking about starting a LinkedIn Group? I’ll show you what you must know to avoid appearing shady and self-promotional.

Curate and share the content that gets you hired … and find out how to avoid sharing the kind that replaces you

Module 5: Digital Daily Dozen
Now that you know what to do, it’s time to put it all together into your daily LinkedIn practice. You will prospect, converse with, and connect with the people who can hire you to speak.

Find out exactly what I do each day to build my LinkedIn network and gain business connections

Discover productivity tools that bring you more high-quality connections in less time

Locate your best prospects faster, make warm connections, and take your conversations offline with my bulletproof prospecting guidelines

Module 6: APA – Ask Phil Anything.
This is where you get to ask me anything you want.

Do you have a specific networking challenge to tackle or questions about other social media platforms?

Stuck on a message or want to run your message by me?

Need extra technical help?

Ask it all – this is your chance!

In this Live Interactive Session, we quickly clear up any challenges you have and remove your obstacles to success.

(Note: You can also ask Phil about his favorite breakfast cereal, 80’s song or Pinball Game, but Social Selling on LinkedIn is his Superpower!)

BONUS Module: Post-Event Profitability Plan
You got the gig – NOW WHAT? How do you leverage the gigs you have to turn them into more gigs? You need the post-event profitability plan.

How should you update your profile to reflect the recent program you delivered?

Who should you connect to right after the gig?

What 1 think should you ask for from a meeting professional right after your 
speaking engagement is over – and how should you ask for it?

What’s the one unexpected thing you need to do after the to WOW the meeting professional who hired you?
...And much more!

Phil has a step-by-step checklist for you to follow to make each event more profitable for you!

You get much more than just the course. You also get 3 months of support and analysis of the progress on your own profile.
Get The Support You Need

Active 90 Day Support On Facebook
You get access to the Private Course Facebook Group for 90 days after the course completes to network with other speakers, learn their businesses, share your business, and answer any questions. You’ll also receive my frequent updates as LinkedIn makes changes to the interface and their algorithm. 

LinkedIn Profile Report Card
Get my checklist to grade your profile in 10 critical areas. You will have a profile that stands out, shows your value, and positions you as the expert professionals need to hire to speak to their company or association.

The 3 Key Message Templates
Use these daily for messaging your existing network at every stage of the relationship – so you’ll never have to worry about missing an opportunity because you didn’t know what to say or how to say it

The 3 Key Connection Request Templates
Use these over and over again to build your network the easy way.

Rapid Content Creation Template
Grab these easy-to-use step-by-step instructions and resources for writing an article FAST when you’re strapped for time!

Messaging Templates For Following-up After Comments
Use these to start conversations with people who have liked or commented on your posts – and for others whose posts you comment on

The Digital Daily Dozen Spreadsheet
Download my complete program and systematize your LinkedIn networking with a reliable process that brings you repeatable and profitable results

24/7 Access To Video Replays
Enjoy access to the entire course whenever and wherever you need a quick review to guide you through any part of the system

Live Question And Answer Sessions
In addition to our Ask Phil Anything Q&A in Module 6, you also get a chance to ask any questions you have and get answers immediately at the end of every live training.

Post-Event Profitability Plan Checklist
In addition to everything else, you get Phil’s Post-Event Profitability Plan Checklist to maximize each and every speaking opportunity into more speaking opportunities!
What people are saying...
Emmy award winning speaker shares about working with Phil

"If you are ready to improve your social interactions, Phil’s your guy!"

“Where has Phil Gerbyshak been all of these years that we’ve been (ineffectively) dabbling in using LinkedIn? After Phil’s fun, to-the-point training sessions (in which he was infinitely patient), we are ready to use this site to connect with valued clients and treasured friends more effectively and drive future business. If you are ready to improve your social interactions, Phil’s your guy!“

John Sileo Keynote Speaker – Cyber Security Expert – Identity Theft & Social Engineering Prevention as seen on 60 Minutes & more

The Yoda of LinkedIn

“Sometimes people come across your path, or you come across theirs, in life and you realize just what generous geniuses they are. Phil Gerbyshak is one of those silent geniuses. He is the “Yoda” of LinkedIn … he is just going to show you how to authentically connect with people. No gimmicks, no tricks, just Phil G. and his Jedi mind assisting you in your journey … if you are thinking about doing anything with LinkedIn and you have not reached out to Phil Gerbyshak first, you have wasted valuable time. The man is just that good.“

John Register, CSP, Inspirational Keynote Speaker

“Phil is the MAN to help you make it happen!”

“Phil has the ability to cut through all of the crap and explain social media in a way that EVERYONE can understand. If you couple this with his keen understanding of strategic business planning, you’ve got a combination of factors that will put your business out in front of your customers in a real, tangible way. If you want to be heard in social media, Phil is the MAN to help you make it happen!”

Chip Lutz, Lt. Commander, USN(Ret), CSP, Leadership Keynote Speaker

“A positive outcome beyond my wildest dreams”

“Phil is an engaging speaker and an expert in networking, communications, and building relationships. I attended one of his Networking seminars and I learned a great deal about the art of connecting and building relationships and how to use social media for more successful business partnerships. I also had the opportunity to use Phil’s teachings directly after the seminar. I connected with one of the other participants and this connection resulted in a great job offer for me. This was a positive outcome beyond my wildest dreams. I never expected to receive a job offer just weeks after attending this seminar. So I can truly say that Phil’s methods do work. I learned a lot from Phil’s seminar and I will continue to use this knowledge going forward in my career. Phil is great at what he does and I would highly recommend him for speaking engagements and to lead professional seminars. Phil’s seminar changed my life, and my career, for the better.”

Irene Sanford, Award-winning healthcare Data Scientist and Educator. Program design consultant. Public speaker and Blogger.
The first class starts on Thursday March 7th, 2019. 
Enrollment closes 3/6/2019
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